Food Geek | Food Geek Ethics
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Food Geek Ethics



Food Geek is passionate and takes pride in our people, our product, our vendors, and our events

We may put passion and dedication into making our gourmet boxes, but we put just as much rigour and discipline into our service to you.

Behind the scenes, the Geek, our team of chefs and nutritionists are developing and testing, chopping, mixing, seasoning and tasting, all to create the perfect menu for your sandwich range.

Our attention to stringent recipe management means the next time you get FOOD GEEK, your sandwiches are utterly delicious, and comply with all food safety mandates and nutritional guidelines.


Food Geek is proud that its creativity and innovation lies at the heart of what we do.


Food Geek prepares strategic plans to support the geeks growth across all of its business units. We have an experienced culinary team including chefs, kitchen preparation brigade staff, logistics, and sales team to support your business requirements.

All Food Geek staff receive on-site training in our production standards and systems including food hygiene via the food handler’s certification.


Food Geek celebrates our success, but always remains humble, respectful and thankful.


Food Geek strives for consistent excellence in all it does and supports this with a ‘hands on’ approach from our leadership team.


We know there is one world, and we want to ensure we keep it safe, clean and green for our kids.

The things we do:

We use free range eggs

Our packaging is bio-degrable

We recycle

Source all of our produce locally

The things we don’t do:

Waste water

Add preservatives to our food

Add MSG to our food